Rubio Monocoat tự hào thành viên mới nhất trong gia đình, Rubio Easybond. Rubio Easybond là thế hệ mới của keo dính gỗ một thành phần dựa trên công nghệ polymer, được áp dụng cho tất cả các loại ván sàn

Rubio EasyBond có thể thay thế cho lớp lót nền. Với Rubio Monocoat, từ việc hoàn thiện bề mặt ván sàn cho đến lắp ráp thi công, chúng tôi có thể giúp bạn hoàn thành mọi thứ với kết quả ngoài mong đợi.
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  • Xử lý nền

    Primers & Moisture banners

    Rubio® Monocoat makes this possible through the development of one parquet adhesive for all wood types. We also offer a range of products for preparing the substrates.   


    The quality of the screed is crucial for the adhesion or the levellers. When you choose Rubio® EasyBond parquet adhesive, you need not prime in the case of a healthy, strong, porous or non-porous substrate. Rubio® Monocoat has a range of primers offering a solution for each substrate.

    When should you definitely prime? 

    › Securing the substrate and the substance.
    › Before applying a self-levelling compound layer on any substrate.
    › On smooth, non-porous substrates such as e.g. ceramic tiles.
    › A primer is always required on anhydrite screeds using our Rubio® EasyPrimer 2C Epoxy.
    › In the case of underfloor heating, use Rubio® EasyPrimer 2C Epoxy.
    › Always apply two layers of Rubio® EasyPrimer 2C Epoxy as a moisture barrier, for substrates with a residual moisture content up to a maximum of 8%.


    Rubio® EasyFlow self-levelling compound are for universal use and ideal as preparation for placing parquet and with other hard and soft floor coverings. These can, after priming, be used on all absorbent (mineral) substrates such as cement-bound and anhydrite screeds but also on non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic tiles. These are available in two versions:


    For levelling from 3 to 15 mm.


    For levelling up to 30 mm and floors with underfloor heating.

    Rubio® EasyFlow self-levelling compound distinguish themselves by being easy to mix without raising any dust. They also need less water than traditional self-levelling compound so they dry out quicker. The EasyFlow self-levelling compound remains completely homogeneous right up to the end.
  • Keo dán sàn Easybond

    Rubio EasyBond, the most universal parquet adhesive on the market !

    Rubio Monocoat is proudly introducing the newest member of its family, Rubio Easybond. Rubio Easybond is a new generation of single component parquet adhesive based on silane-polymer technology.

    This parquet adhesive is universally applicable for nearly all types of wood and situations, and contains no plasticizers and is hard-elastic – two characteristics that result in a durable parquet adhesive, which fulfils virtually all recognised norms and tests, including the latest ISO 17178 standard.

    Why is this an innovation?

    Parquet adhesive is currently often sold based on price. You cannot see the adhesive in the end result. We at Rubio® Monocoat see this differently. Rubio® EasyBond new generation one-component parquet adhesive based on silane-polymer technology aims to make a difference on two levels. We first of all aim to make your life easy: one parquet adhesive for almost all wood types and substrates makes the choice very easy for you. Easy also because there is no danger of damage to the surface finish of your parquet. You can rest assured even in the long term. Rubio® EasyBond is extremely durable and guarantees a long-term effective bond. 


    new generation, 1-component universal parquet adhesive

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